English Cream Golden Retriever vs. American Golden Retriever

All Of my doodles are bred to true English Cream Golden Retrievers with generations of European history.  They are healthier in general, tend to live longer than the American Retrievers.  English Retrievers have big round eyes, stockier body and a large boxy head.  All this gives you an adorable true “Teddybear Doodle” that you will fall in love with!  Lastly, the English Retriever tends to have a  more relaxed personality than the American Retriever, which can make for a more enjoyable experience when you’re training your puppy 🙂


English American
Color Generally Lighter Generally darker
Topline Level slope Back slopes down a little
Head Broader head Narrower profile that blends into skull
Eyes Round, level eyes Slanted
Ears Level with eyes Behind and just above the eyes
Neck Long, protruding neck. Clean and often trimmed ruff. Medium length, muscular, and untrimmed
Tail Level with back Slight upward curve
Built Heavier, stockier build Leaner, more lightweight appearance
Height Male: 22-24 in. Femaie: 20-22 in. Male: 23-24 in. Female: 21.5-22.5
Lifespan 12 years 10-11 years
Cancer Rate 38.8% 60%