Please read the following agreement. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification.

When purchasing one of my puppies, you are accepting this agreement, and no signature is required.

The breeder guarantees  the puppy has received the appropriate shots and worming schedule for the puppy’s age. Although I have a rigid regiment for treating intestinal and external parasites, I do not guarantee against intestinal or external parasites, such as, ear mites, ear infections or other minor issues that are easily treated or common to puppies. I also do not guarantee against ANY cosmetic defects such as umbilical hernia’s, dew claw regrowth, scar tissue from tail docking…ect.

  A well examination must be performed by a certified Veterinarian within seven working days of ownership, or contract is null and void.  The breeder is not responsible for ANY cost that may occur during examination.  If your Veternarium finds a life threatening health problem, please have them contact me, and send a written statement of the inflicting illness, so an arrangement of  the replacement puppy can be made. If the unfortunate act of death should occur within the first year of ownership, it must be examined by a state licensed laboratory, and an autopsy must be performed to determine cause of death. Breeder will only adhere to contract  due to death of genetic  disorders.  No other reason will be considered. No refunds are given; However, you will get a replacement puppy of the same value if its available. If no replacement puppy is available, you will have first pick of  the upcoming litter of the same value. If no replacement puppy is desired from an upcoming litter, then buyer has forfeited  all money paid.   I take great pride in keeping a clean healthy environment for my puppies, and because of this, once the puppy leaves my premisses, I do not accept them back.    

My puppies are intended to be sold as pets. 

I do not guarantee against size, color, breeding or show potential