Getting one of my Poodles? What is the difference between limited AKC registration and full AKC registration?

Puppies, with parents of the same AKC recognized breed, both having full AKC registration, are eligible for AKC registration, either full or limited.

Full AKC registration simply means that  any puppies produced, when he/she is mated to another full AKC registered Standard Poodle are eligible for AKC registration, either full or limited, depending on the agreement between the breeder and the new owner.

Limited AKC registered Standard Poodles are sold without any breeding rights. The AKC recognizes these Poodles as pure bred Standard Poodles and they can be entered into many AKC events (virtually all competitions except conformation since these events are specifically intended to evaluate breeding stock). All of the Standard Poodle pups that we sell with limited AKC registration are intended as pets only, with the understanding that the new owner will be neutering or spaying the young adult Poodle at about 6 months of age, which will make them a better pet with reduced risks for any health issues. If they are not spayed/neutered at the appropriate time, it is a violation of our agreement and any puppies which would be produced from a mating of this dog with any other dog would be ineligible for AKC registration.

NOTE: GoldenDoodles are not recognized by AKC as a pure bred dog, therefore my doodles do not come with registration papers.  However, the parents of my doodle puppies are AKC registered, so you know you are getting a true doodle.