A $300 deposit is required to hold your puppy.


This is NON-Refundable but Transferable.

Puppies will not be held more than 7 days past the deposit date once the puppy reaches 8 weeks old. In addition; Puppy purchases made after the puppy is 8 weeks, payment will be due in full. Requests by the new owner of the puppy to stay beyond puppy turning 8 weeks will be considered but not guaranteed. If an extended  agreement is made by the  buyer and the breeder, then full payment will be required at that time. Buyer must give a specific date of pick-up.  Once the breeder agrees with the specified date, and full payment has been received, then the puppy will be held until specified date.   If the buyer does not adhere to the agreed date, then the contract is considered null and void. The puppy will then be re-listed and no refunds will be given (but can be transferred to another litter of the same value).  

No checks or money orders are accepted.